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Artificial Intelligence in a Web 3 Social Application | Evrylife AI Integrations

Using AI to create a scalable and sustainable web 3 social application
Artificial intelligence has come a long way in recent years. AI projects such as OpenAI with the advancements in ChatGPT-3 and Dall-E 2 make it possible to create a more sustainable and scalable web 3 social platform where content moderation and platform optimization can be reached through a combination of both AI and human performed mod tasks.
Here are some areas of the Evrylife application where AI can be used to create a more sustainable and scalable application.
  • Auto tagging of content - AI can be used to tag content whether it be images, audio, video, or text based.
  • Auto detection (flagging) of false tags on content - AI can be used to detect tags that may not relate to a piece of content. This will help to keep the Evrylife directory more accurately organized.
  • Auto translating of user content - AI can help to make content more accessible to people in other languages.
  • Auto translating of directory topics, breakdowns, and tags - AI can help to translate the directory so that it is more complete in as many languages as possible.
  • Evrylife app chatbot for assistance - AI can assist users in basic questions regarding the application. This is useful as there will be no centralized support team. Users will need to rely on Evrylife Foundation documentation, community support groups, and the AI chatbot to answer any questions about the application.
  • Content moderation of public content against community guidelines - AI will be able to detect content that may be in violation of community guidelines. If a user is about to post content as ‘public’ the AI can prevent or create a warning to the user regarding the nature of the community guideline violation.
  • Search results and quick answers - AI generated search results and AI answers can be an option that users can choose when making a search.
  • Detection of AI generated content - Content created by AI should be labeled as such and will be labeled as AI generated. AI can be used to detect this and prompt warnings to users to include such tags.
  • Detection of duplicate content - AI can notify users of duplicate public content that already exists on the platform. This may prompt users to not post, saving them storage space.
  • Content feeds - AI can be used to create more meaningful feeds for users.
AI, although useful, should not be solely relied on. Evrylife is designed to reward users for their contributions in the upkeep and moderation of the Evrylife application. There will need to be a balance of AI to human performed mod tasks that allow users to contribute, earn, and for the Evrylife token to be sustainable.