⚖️Evrylife App Governance

Community governance of the Evrylife application

Evrylife App Improvement Proposals (EAIPs)

The Evrylife application is a dynamic entity that changes and evolves over time. The community has the power to improve and modify the application.

After the release of the Evrylife token airdrop the community of staked token holders will have the full governance and control over the application. The code and smart contracts can only be changed if it passes community consensus. Moderation tasks help keep the platform clean from content that violates the community guidelines, dev tasks help to keep the platform evolving with any requested fixes, upgrades, and changes that aim to improve the platform.

Delegated staking will be enabled to allow users to give their voting rights to a delegate of their choice to vote on their behalf in regards to any Evrylife App Improvement Proposals. Limits will be put in place so that delegates can only accumulate so much voting power in order to keep the platform governance decentralized.

Community governed variables

Along with the EAIPs, the community will also be able to govern certain variables called 'community governed variables'.

Community governed variables allow staked users to adjust variables that govern the smart contracts which run the Evrylife application and token module. Community variables are the weightings and rates for things such as rewards, slashing, new mint, tx fees, and burns.

Starting point

Through a widespread airdrop, Evrylife token holders will take control of the Evrylife application at an early stage. Incentivized dev tasks and delegated staking will help to progress the application over time.

The Evrylife application is to be built and managed by a decentralized community. To help guide the community's development, the Evrylife Foundation has created a whitepaper, documentation, token contract, alpha app components, and general instructions.

If you plan on participating in Evrylife governance we ask you to keep the following in mind:

  • Please keep an anti greed mind set

  • Please preserve individual privacy features

  • Please preserve non custodial account features

  • Please up hold the community governed guidelines

  • Please respect cultural differences and work towards a globally fair ecosystem (this could include localized community guidelines)

  • Please help maintain and improve upon ecosystem decentralization

  • Please preserve and improve sustainable token economics

We hope that this social experiment will bring about positive change and turns into the type of platform that individuals deserve.

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