Evrylife Account and Features

Creating and using an Evrylife account

Creating and Using an Evrylife Account

An Evrylife account is created with the pairing of a non-custodial cryptographic key; also known as a ‘private key’ or web 3 wallet. Through this web 3 wallet along with other account security and recovery features, users are able to remain in full control over their account, content, and privacy.
By creating an Evrylife account, a user either takes control of or mints their own ‘Profile’ and the ability to make and manage ‘Channels’ as well. Profiles are for individuals while channels are for things such as places, organizations, small businesses, hobby pages, community channels, etc.
Users can integrate content into their profile and channels. Content added can be public, private, or visible to certain connections. Users can connect and communicate with other users, and interact with other users' content.

Main features of an Evrylife account

  • Own, store, and organize media on decentralized storage solutions (non custodial content management platform)
  • Control your profile and channels privacy on web 3 (public, certain connections, private)
  • ‘Connect’ with people (profiles) and ‘Follow’ channels (receive notifications on one anothers activity)
  • Interoperable social graph
  • View and interact with other users content (explore content on web 3)
  • Earn rewards by staking, participating in mod tasks, or becoming a service provider
  • Create alerts and receive notifications of specific content you set alerts for
  • Set account spending limits and restrictions for different keys/wallets
  • Chat with others individually or as a group chat
  • Create tiered subscription levels for access to premium content
  • Buy and sell products/services (transact using digital assets)
  • Govern the application as a community (proof of group opinion (POGO) mod tasks and improvement proposals)
  • Channels have additional features designed for communities such as shared funding treasuries, shared content folders, chat rooms/threads, admin/mod roles, and other features not available to profiles.
  • More features are discussed in the Evrylife whitepaper