🗃️Evrylife Decentralized Storage Solutions

Decentralized social media application storage

The Evrylife application integrates web 3 wallets with decentralized storage solutions to operate the platform and to allow users to display their content on the Evrylife application. When adding content to Evrylife, whether it be a file, basic account data, or conversational data, a connected decentralized data storage provider is needed.

Here are the ways a user can integrate their content or increase storage space so that content can be displayed on the Evrylife application:

  1. Utilizing rewards from staking and mod/dev tasks

  • Rewards can be used to cover costs of storage. The more a user stakes, the more rewards will be earned. Excess rewards are compounded into the user's staking amount which provides users with increased content storage.

  • Completing mod tasks or dev tasks also provides users with rewards. These rewards can provide users with increased content storage.

  1. Becoming a service provider or having content already existing on integrated storage solutions used by the Evrylife application

  • Users can become a storage provider by participating in any of the integrated storage solutions and if their content is already hosted on integrated storage providers they can add it to their account and have it displayed in the Evrylife application.

3. Pay for storage

  • Some decentralized data storage integrations on Evrylife may be payable on a monthly or on demand basis. This can be done using a pre funded wallet or by upfront payment to the integrated storage solutions.

As the Evrylife application evolves users will be able to add content through more decentralized storage methods. Initial integrations in the roadmap include IPFS, Crust Network, Filecoin, Arweave, and Ceramic Network.

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