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About the Evrylife Foundation

The Evrylife Foundation is registered in Canada and has the purpose of helping to support the creation, release, and growth of the Evrylife Application.

The Evrylife Foundations website evrylife.org along with documentation found at docs.evrylife.org contain resources to help learn about the Evrylife application.

Please reach out to us with any questions and feedback that you have regarding the Evrylife app or the Evrylife Foundation. If you believe in the project and think you have something to offer we are looking for new foundation members to join us!

Founding member: Bradley Van Boxmeer - a crypto enthusiast, entrepreneur, and former Tree Planter from Canada with a goal to create a true decentralized social media platform that individuals deserve. An 'anti-greed' platform!

Contact the Evrylife Foundation: contact@evrylife.org

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