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Donations and strategic partnerships are welcome

Evrylife is an anti-greed platform. As such there are no VC's, no private sales, and no team token allocations. The project is being funded through donations from Evrylife Foundation team members, community members, and through incentivized rewards released by community governed treasuries.

Members of the Evrylife Foundation are working hard to bring together the community governed web 3 social explorer that we all deserve. Evrylife is an application that we believe can help to achieve a better planet and challenge the status quo of centralized social media. As an anti greed platform the Evrylife token will be distributed using a staggered airdrop that encourages app usage and through rewards from participating in app moderation, development, and improvements. This gives everyone an equal playing field with the benefit of having no private early investors or whales that can dump on the community.

If you see potential in the Evrylife project and would like to help by contributing in some regards please get in touch with us. We are looking for credible backers in the following categories - the more the better!

  • Digital asset donations (this will help fund the MVP and early milestones)

  • Tech integration partners (save us costs which we would have to spend on your services)

  • KOLs and Web 3 content creator influence (awareness and extended reach)

Please get in touch to discuss what you can help us with, we would love to hear from you.


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