Evrylife Community Guidelines

Please be sure to read over the Evrylife community guidelines and use the platform accordingly.
Evrylife is where people from all around the world can come together in an environment that facilitates communication and sharing. The world is filled with billions of people who are entitled to their unique and contrasting cultures, beliefs, and opinions. It is important to respect one another and keep such diversities alive and well. It is these differences that allow us to learn from one another and explore what else is possible. Similar to how we conduct ourselves in the real world, is how we should conduct ourselves online, please be respectful of others and be honest. If you intend on using Evrylife please be sure to read over these community guidelines and use the platform accordingly.
These guidelines explain what is and isn’t allowed on the Evrylife application. Everyone on Evrylife must follow these community guidelines.
The Evrylife mod task system is in place to review flags/reports by users. When content gets flagged it is subject to mod task review which will allow for other users to provide their opinion on whether or not the content is in violation of these community guidelines. Evrylife uses a proof of group opinion consensus (POGO) to determine the outcome of flagged content.
When content is found to violate these guidelines the content will be removed from ‘public view’ and set to private. The account that created content to be found in violation may have restrictions placed on their account, they may have their staked assets slashed, rewards reduced, or their account may be removed if their community score reaches a certain threshold. If you are using the platform and you come across content that violates these community guidelines please flag it so that it can be reviewed by the mod task system as soon as possible.

Safety Guidelines

Moderators should choose to remove content and accounts when they believe there is a genuine risk of physical harm or a direct threat to public safety.
  • Direct Threats
    • Do not allow you to threaten others. Your content may be removed and your account restricted, suspended or deleted. If you see other users doing this please flag the content appropriately. If you disagree with a person or business and wish to voice your opinion or spread awareness please do so in a mature and lawful way.
  • Regulated & Illegal Goods
    • If you add content regarding an offer to purchase or sell alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, marijuana or adult products,
    • You must comply with all applicable laws. Do not sell or purchase regulated or illegal goods.
    • Do not sell any firearms designed to kill another person
  • Self Injury
    • Do not promote or encourage self-injury or suicide.
    • You can however share information and engage in discussion about self-injury and suicide.
  • Bullying & Harassment
    • Do not participate in or organize cyberbullying or cyber harassment.
  • Criminal Organizations & Activity
    • Do not post content that expresses support for groups that are involved in violent or criminal behaviour or the organization of such groups.
  • Sexual Violence & Exploitation
    • Do not post content that threatens or promotes sexual violence or exploitation. This includes the sexual exploitation of minors, sexual assault, solicitation of sexual material, and offers of sexual services.

Respectful Behaviour Guidelines

When users add and share things on Evrylife, it is expected to be done responsibly, including carefully choosing who will see your content. It is asked that you warn others if your content contains violent, sexual, graphic or sensitive material.
  • Nudity
    • If your content contains any visual or written nudity or sexual acts please warn your audience, set content restrictions, and be sure to use the correct topics/niches.
  • Violent & Graphic Content
    • Violent and graphic content should be removed when it is shared for sadistic pleasure or to celebrate, encourage or glorify violence.
  • Hate Speech & Discrimination
    • Do not post or participate in hate speech or discrimination, which includes content that directly attacks people based on their: race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender/gender identity, disabilities and diseases.
    • You can conduct debate and discussion in a respectful way.

Account & Information Security

  • Personal Information
    • Do not publish the personal information of others without their consent.
    • If you want to create a presence on Evrylife for someone or something other than yourself you will need to create a Channel. A Channel must be created in a way that it does not mislead other users to believe that your Channel is a person or entity that infringes on another person or organization's intellectual property.
  • Fraud & Spam
    • Do not share false or misleading information (otherwise known as misinformation). Using misleading or inaccurate information to generate content and activity is not allowed.
    • Do not use Evrylife to mass message and spam others. Accounts seen to do this may be restricted, slashed, suspended or removed.
    • Do not tag your content with irrelevant location, topic and connection tags. Abuse of tags may result in your account being restricted, slashed, suspended or removed.
    • You may only post content in the language that you currently have set as the main language for your account. If some of your content contains snippets or quotes from another language as part of your content that is ok, but the title and majority of your content should be posted in the main language. If you decide to post content in another language you must first select the new 'main language' from the translation options available.
    • You may not add the same content multiple times in the public directory in order to get more views. Please only have your content visible once and have it tagged correctly. If necessary you can delete and re-add your content, but not over and over again to appear at the top of 'time: now' filters.
    • Do not engage in activities intended to cause damage or gain unauthorized access to another user's account.
    • Do not post content involving the hacking, cracking, or distribution of stolen goods, pirated content, or accounts.
    • Do not use automation or bots not part of the Evrylife application. Each account must be associated with a human, not a bot.
    • Do not make flag reports unless you believe it to be in violation of the community guidelines.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Evrylife is a place for you to share original content and the things that are important to you. You own all of your original and intellectual content and information you post on Evrylife, and you can control how it is shared through the privacy options and settings available to you. Before sharing content on Evrylife, please be sure you have the right to do so. We ask that you respect copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property that does not belong to you.

Reporting Content & Abuse

The Evrylife mod system relies on users to help enforce the Community Guidelines. It is quick and easy to flag content if you see any content that you feel violates the Community Guidelines or that you feel does not belong on Evrylife. Moderators will review the content you report to help make sure Evrylife remains fun and safe. To report something on Evrylife you can use the ‘Flag’ content option that is found with each piece of content and the interactions made public related to it.

Keep in mind

  • Moderators may take action any time something violates the Community Guidelines.
  • Flagging and reporting something doesn't guarantee that it will be removed. If you flag or report content, please provide any information you feel will help the moderators in making a decision.
  • The number of user submitted reports does not impact whether something will be removed. It may act as an indicator but not as a defining course of action.
  • The consequences for violating Community Guidelines vary depending on the severity of the violation.
  • These guidelines will continue to evolve over time based on user preferences. If you think something is missed or something is included that shouldn’t be you can submit an Evrylife app improvement proposal (EAIP) for the community to consider, discuss, and vote on.
Last updated: Nov 22 2022 (upon DAO release the community will govern the community guidelines)