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Let's use decentralization and web 3 social to uplift a global economy!

A core component of the Evrylife app is ‘Evrylife Causes’. Token holders can decide how they would personally allocate the assets in the cause's treasury. The amount from treasuries allocated to each cause comes from the collective weightings from all users and a community governed formula for releasing the collected digital assets.

To fund the ‘causes treasury’ - Users are able to choose a percentage of their accounts' subscription earnings and/or a portion of their earned rewards, and other revenue inflows they earn through the use of the Evrylife application.

Donating to 'Evrylife Causes' is optional and done so at the individual user and channel levels. Causes is a component of the Evrylife App that allows the Evrylife community to help get our global economy and planet into a healthier state and ideally remain in that state and thrive!

Causes can help to fund things that fall into the following pillars - ‘relief funding for natural disasters’, ‘healthcare’, ‘drinking water’, ‘food’, ‘housing, economic development’, ‘renewable energy’, and ‘universal welfare’. Similarly, the platform could start out by helping to fund causes such as the ones laid out by the Earth Shots project. The pillars used by the Earth Shots Prize are - ‘protect and restore nature’, ‘clean our air’, ‘revive our oceans’, build a waste-free world, and ‘fix our climate’. All things that are crucial for a healthy planet.

A ‘Cause’ can be made by creating a Causes channel with an Evrylife account that has a community score that meets the community guidelines to do so. A 'new cause' needs to go through a community governed vetting process in order to be verified and listed publicly. Causes which are eligible can provide their funding need requests and depending on user votes, weightings, and the amount of digital assets collected in the causes treasury will determine the amount that the smart contract will send to each cause in a specific time period.

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