🩺Evrylife Decentralized Social Media Content Moderation (POGO)

Working together to keep the Evrylife application running smooth

Evrylife App Moderation Automation

Moderation automation is important to help reduce the amount of mod tasks that are required to be done by users. Things like spam in community discussions and interaction fields, Messaging limits to non connected users, and other actions which may violate community guidelines that can be reduced from simple app safeguards. Evrylife is being designed to use open source moderation automation that is community governed.

Moderation automation can occur in various sections of the Evrylife application. On an app wide level for all users for things like ‘flagging limits’, ‘interaction limits’, ‘tagging limits’ and things of that nature. Moderation can also take place at a ‘Channel’ level where communities can enable and govern their own moderation automation modules for their community.

Evrylife App Mod Tasks (performed by users)

Mod tasks allow for Evrylife users to govern, moderate, and improve the Evrylife applications code, the directory database, and the content users add to it.

There are several different types of mod tasks that help to make the Evrylife application operate. Here are some examples of mod tasks in the Evrylife application:

  • Tag audit mod tasks - are given to moderators to help audit content to ensure that it is tagged and categorized correctly. These mod tasks help to make content more discoverable and displayed in the correct categories.

  • Flagged content mod tasks - are given to moderators to review and provide an opinion on content that has been flagged by other users. These mod tasks help to keep the content made visible on Evrylife in line with the community guidelines. This can include content or the interactions that occur on a piece of content. Flagged content mod tasks is a way to conduct decentralized content moderation for a social media application such as Evrylife. It is a type of 'proof of group consensus' that can be utilized to fight spam and content that violates a set of community guidelines.

  • Database improvements mod tasks - are given to moderators where they can provide suggestions for editing existing topics or they can suggest adding new topics, locations, and breakdowns. These mod tasks help to improve the interoperable web 3 database.

  • Content tag requests mod tasks - are where users can choose to have other users tag their content for them. Content verifications - Mod tasks which help to validate things such as causes.

  • Developer mod tasks - are where developers are incentivized to participate in Evrylife app improvement proposals (EAIPs) to help create new features voted by the community to be created.

Proof of Group Opinion (POGO)

Having mod tasks performed by the community and not a private team is a way to make content moderation more fair. Proof of group opinion (POGO) allows for a community to participate in optional mod tasks to determine if content flagged is in violation of the community guidelines.

POGO mod tasks are performed at random and with volume by users who request to do them. When a decision has been reached by enough users and a consensus has been reached then the decision will go into effect.

A community score that is in good standing is required to perform mod tasks.

Evrylife App Mod Score and Community Score

A mod score helps to ensure that users are providing quality feedback. A community score helps to ensure users are adding content, categorizing their content, and upholding the community guidelines with the actions they take on the platform. The formulas that make up the mod score and community score are community governed variables.

If a user does not have a good community standing then they may have certain actions of their account restricted. They may not be able to flag content, or perform mod tasks, additionally their wallet may get slashed which can in turn cover the rewards for those who reported and performed the mod tasks involved in the contents review process.

Users who have a mod score and community score in good standing can perform mod tasks and can report content using the flagging system.

Users can choose specific topics, locations, flag types etc to receive more mod tasks related to their preferences. A higher community score and more specialized flag requests may provide a higher reward rate.

Evrylife App Governance

The Evrylife application is a dynamic entity that changes and evolves over time. The community has the power to improve and modify the application. You can learn more about Evrylife application smart contract and code governance here:

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