💰Ad Free and User Earnings

Your time is precious, lets not waste in on intrusive ads

With no private party looking to make money off its users, Evrylife does not need ads! An ad free platform does not mean that there is no revenue to be made. Users can earn through all kinds of non intrusive ways.

A few ways that users can earn revenue while using Evrylife are:

  • Users can turn their content into a product or service.

    • It can be included in the directory and shop section of the Evrylife app. This includes items such as event tickets, digital media, physical product orders, and any services offered.

    • It can be displayed in their own profile or channel(s).

    • It can be shared via message or link/post

  • Users can participate in reward programs by staking, in exchange for web 3 services such as storage provider, or by performing incentivized mod tasks in the application.

  • Users can enable paid subscription levels for premium content to their followers

  • Users can refer other users products and services to one another and earn referral commissions if enabled and agreed upon between one another

  • Users can enable tips

  • Users may in some cases be able to monetize their account data to third parties if they choose to do so on a permission basis.

These are just a few of the ways users can earn revenue while using Evrylife. By freeing a social media platform of ads, users can remain focused on whatever their original purpose was when logging onto the platform.

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