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Users Content on Evrylife

After a user selects a storage method or integrates their content into the Evrylife application they will have additional options such as content privacy level, content tagging options, content associated products/services, and other content related fields such as copyright/credit options.

Content that can be added to an Evrylife users account (profile and channels) include:

  • images

  • videos

  • audios

  • questions

  • chatter

  • articles

  • events

  • NFTs (this will also exist in other categories such as images, videos etc)

  • and other supported media files

Depending on the type of content a user is adding there will be different features available. Here are some features available at the content level:

  • Content can be tagged with web 3 IDs (handles and identifiers) such as user profile handles, channel handles, topics, locations, and other identifiers such as breakdowns, #hashtags and #hash phrases#

  • Content privacy can be either public, connection specific, or private

  • Content can be scheduled to be posted at a date/time in the future

  • Users can add age restrictions and other content warnings

  • Users can include the original source and credit for any data that requires acknowledgment or reference

  • Content includes a social share option which allows for those who can view it to share it to their network for any others who have been granted access privileges

  • Content includes a 'Cheers' interaction button. This is a way to acknowledge that you appreciate the content

  • Content can be added to folders/playlists by the poster, and if enabled other users can save the content to their own folders/playlists

  • Interaction fields can be enabled by users for each piece of content. Various interaction fields include general comments, pros and cons, swot, review, alternative solutions, facts/evidence, advice/help, and examples. These fields allow for users to learn more about and see different perspectives in how others perceive the content.

  • Attaching a product or service to a piece of content can be done for all top level content types except Q&A. For a piece of content that has an associated product or service, users can enable a digital asset payment option that allows users to transact from user to user using defi and digital assets such as BTC, ETH, Evrylife native token, and other digital assets. Users can choose to enable or disable products and services from appearing in the public marketplace section of the Evrylife web 3 explorer.

  • Users can enable a referral option for products and services which allow for their connections to earn from any referrals made by their account.

Specific features to Q&A

  • Users can choose various formats for how other users respond to their questions and how answers are displayed.

    • Response/answer formats:

      • radio (select one)

      • select multiple

      • text response

    • Answers to questions can be either private, public, displayed upon answer submission or displayed after a poll ends.

Specific features to Events

  • Ticket links can be enabled.

  • Users can choose to view events that occur on specific days or within a date range in the future.

This list is not a complete list of features and may change as the application evolves

Finding Content using the Evrylife App

Users can search for content added by profiles and channels by using the Evrylife Directory (web 3 explorer) or by visiting a user's profile/channel directly. Content can be searched for, viewed, and interacted with by users who have been granted privileges to view it by the content creator.

The image below shows an example screen of a general search for โ€˜allโ€™ content. The user does not have any content type chosen, they have not chosen any connections of theirs, and they have not selected any topics, locations, keywords, or breakdowns to filter the results. By default content is organized by 'Cheers' count.

The image below shows a user who has chosen to see content type โ€˜imagesโ€™, selected to sort results by interaction 'Cheers', and has the topic โ€˜observable universeโ€™ selected as a tag filter. You can see that the left menu for 'topics' is showing the parent categories to the selected topic and also the sub niches that fall directly under the chosen topic. Users have the option to compound topics and sub topics from the topic menu as well as the connections, locations, and breakdown menus.

App visitors who do not have an Evrylife account can search for and view content but are not able to interact with content, users, or channels.

Users who are searching for content have a number of different filtering tools at their disposal. Users can search for content using keywords, #hashtags, time constraints, number of interactions, by their own connections, or by choosing between individual or compounded topic, location, and breakdown tags that have been associated with the content.

Evrylifeโ€™s directory is designed to categorize everything in the world into a family tree hierarchy. Each topic and subtopic can have multiple pieces of content displayed in it (not just 1 collective piece of content). This allows for many different perspectives and opinions to be shared.

Each content type has a specific topic hierarchy that encompasses the entire topic and subtopics that fall within it. Some content types use the same hierarchy while others are unique. These databases are community governed and are to be managed by users who choose to perform incentivized mod tasks. Mod tasks are used to add new entries and improve existing entries over time. This includes adding entries so that they appear in different languages.

Content that has a product or service attached to it can be displayed in the shop section of the Evrylife web 3 Explorer. Users and app visitors are able to transact using digital assets such as BTC, ETH, Evrylife native token, and other digital assets through the use of interoperable web 3 dexs/apps.

Community Managed App and Interoperable Database (web 3 Meta Tree)

The database that makes up the Evrylife web 3 Explorer is moderated and managed by Evrylife token holders. Through the help of the Evrylife community the database will improve over time. The database is interoperable across web 3 and is accessible to 3rd party applications to utilize for their own categorizing and tagging needs.

The directory of topics, locations, and breakdowns has been pre-compiled and translated into over 40 languages to date, this was a lot of work, but it is by no means complete. Due to the nature of an ever changing global society, the Evrylife directory will never be fully complete and will evolve over time through user contributions and community governance.

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