👀New Decentralized Social Media | What Sets Evrylife Apart?

Evrylife vs other decentralized social media applications

Evrylife is not just another trend hopper! There are dozens of 'newly released' decentralized social media applications that have emerged recently that simply create an app with the following basic web 3 functionality:

  • Account creation/sign in with a web 3 wallet or a variation of user controlled access.

  • Ability to make a post in a generic 1 level topic feed

  • Comment on a post

  • Like a post

  • Follow others and in few cases get notified of others activity

  • End to end encrypted chats

  • Store the users content on a single decentralized file storage network

These are all great features to have! and Evrylife has these features as well, but this is where the functionality of other web 3 applications pretty much stops and Evrylife really begins.

Evrylife takes web 3 social to the next level. Evrylife is a platform that rethinks what a 'social network' should be. The Evrylife application includes features such as:

  • Proof of Group Opinion (POGO) - Where users moderate content instead of a private team. Users have the option to participate in 'incentivized' mod tasks where a group opinion is reached through randomized moderators at volume until consensus is reached. A mod score and a community score help to ensure real users are providing quality input.

  • Decentralized storage 'options' - Where users can choose from many different integrated storage solutions as per the specific needs for each piece of content.

  • Content interactions - Where useful and informative interactions can be enabled by the content creator along with basic comments. Interactions that are filterable and add more value to the content for the content creator and viewers such as pros and cons, swot analysis, ideas, alternative solutions, etc.

  • Multi-chain - Where cross chain transactions occur when buying and selling with users using different chains. Where users social graphs are interoperable and not siloed. Where account access is possible with a blockchain agnostic approach.

  • High level organization directory/explorer - Where a menu system is designed to organize every topic, niche, location, and breakdown so that users can find and organize anything quickly and easily. You can see examples of this here.

  • Affiliate referrals - Where users can promote each others content and receive commissions for doing so through smart contracts and digital assets.

  • Tiered subscriptions - Where profiles and channels can enable tiered subscription levels for their connection and followers to receive free or premium content.

  • DAO - Where users will govern the entire app. This will be done through community governed variables (new mint, treasury weightings, etc), mod tasks, and evrylife app improvement proposals.

  • Non Profit Organization - no team token allocations, no private team profit taking, no venture capitalists with equity ownership.

  • No ads - Where the objective of the platform is to be enjoyable and keep users focused on whatever it is they signed on to do.

More exciting features exist such as Evrylife Causes, multi-lingual interconnected databases, and much more that you can learn about through exploring the docs section.

Be sure to follow the Evrylife Foundation socials to stay up to date on the Evrylife apps progress!

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