Why do we need Evrylife?

Overview of why decentralized social media is important
Evrylife is a community-governed application that functions as a web 3 social explorer. It is designed to help organize content and make it more accessible on web 3. Users of the Evrylife application maintain full ownership and control over their content and account data.
Today, most social media platforms generate revenue primarily from selling ad spots – the more targeted the ads, the more money can be extracted from the users. As a direct result users have become the product – it has gotten to the point where companies know who our family and friends are, who we communicate with, where we live, and far too often... what we are currently doing. Billions of people’s lives are put on display, recorded, and sold to the highest bidder. Is this what we want the future of the web to be?
Centralized applications and private organizations come with many problems:
Can we do better than this? Yes, we can. And we believe we should. You as an individual and us together as the human species deserve it. We believe that decentralized technology can be a force for good. Done right, this is the first time ever that we have the tools and infrastructure in place to make the cliché ‘power to the people’ a reality.
Similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Evrylife application is being designed to be decentralized with no central authority. This means that Evrylife will naturally evolve over time to best fit the preferences of its users.
The Evrylife application is a platform that allows users to:
  • Own their data, social graph and private keys
  • Store, categorize, find, and share content using web 3
  • Have end-to-end encrypted chats
  • Sell products and services in exchange for cryptocurrencies
  • Create tiered subscription levels for premium content
  • And much, much more as you can learn about in the Evrylife whitepaper.
On one hand, there is a massive movement towards decentralized technologies for both individuals and institutions, and on the other you have big tech failing to focus on what their users want. This has created the perfect opportunity for decentralized platforms to emerge – we have all the building blocks to build the types of platforms that 72% of social media users are looking for and what all individuals deserve.
We believe the future of the internet is decentralized. Where people can freely and securely share their content, ideas and communicate together. A future where we can buy and sell without having to ask permission from a 3rd party. A future where our money is sound, and data belongs to the end user. A future where platforms are governed by their users and access is available to everyone.
We want you to join us – as a developer, thought leader, token holder, or application user. So we can build this future together!
Please take a moment to join the Evrylife Discord Server. Here you can learn about the Evrylife token, discuss application features, suggest improvements, and share any feedback that you may have.