Utility of the Evrylife Token

Utility of the Evrylife token

Evrylife Utility Token

The Evrylife token is a utility token that allows for the Evrylife app to function in a decentralized manner on web 3 technologies. The Evrylife token will exist initially on Arbitrum or Polygon. Ethereum layer 2 blockchains allow for secure, fast and cheap transactions. EVM layer 2's are becoming carbon neutral in 2022 which is important for a next generation social platform to flourish.
Evrylife token utilization includes but is not limited to the following
  • Evrylife account creation
  • Web 3 storage (decentralized storage integrations)
  • App mod/dev tasks
  • Voting for causes
  • Smart contract governance and improvement proposals
  • Profile and channel subscriptions (user to user)
  • Staking and rewards
  • Special directory filter for shop items when content creator enables a discount to users paying in Evrylife native token